Speaking english TAXI Remembrance Tour

Tel : 03 22 76 00 80

 With a  reservation :   24h a day , 7 days a week .





I'll enjoy driving you across PICARDIE,  Discovering the sleeping water,

the incomparable nature, singing birds, rabbits, roebucks,

ducks and all the others ones.

After the hell of war, return to paradise.



TAXI : it's not only going to the station or the airport, will be a great pleasure to show you the countryside and places reflecting our customs.

 Air conditioned car, 4 passengers with luggage.

4x4 to drive you safety, whatever the roads.

No dangerous animals accepted.


Their Name liveth for evermore

Native from PARIS, and having practiced TAXI during 11 YEARS in that city, 1h30 mn by motorway (when the traffic is fluent) from PERONNE, i can drive you there for a tour, giving informations about most of the MONUMENTS of PARIS, including : château de VERSAILLES in the west suburbain, and why not : château de CHANTILLY, which is in Picardie, one hour from Péronne.

Ask me : what kind of tour you wish, i'll study the most appropriated one.


Speaking english taxi


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